How to record and run the script in JMeter for multiple users doing multiple navigations

Software Quality Assurance & Testing Asked by Amaze_Rock on January 2, 2022

I am new to JMeter.
My requirement is as follow:

I wanted to check the performance of my web application when two user logged in same time and doing different actions/navigation after logged in.

I want to know how to record and run it.

  1. In each thread group I have put 2-2 users with 0 ramp time and 1
  2. In each recording controller I have configured different urls
    of same web application.
  3. Recording Controller has been chosen as a
    target controller.

enter image description here

One Answer

You won't be able to properly record and especially replay the described scenario because JMeter's HTTP(S) Test Script Recorder is capturing requests as they reach it.

So it's better to record 1st user actions and copy the recording under 1st Thread Group then record 2nd user actions and copy the recording under 2nd Thread Group.

If there are some common steps like opening the login page or navigation or logout - you can use Test Fragments to store these common test elements and refer them using Module Controllers where required

Answered by Dmitri T on January 2, 2022

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