RFT 8.6 : Failed to enable Firefox31.4 ESR and IE11 browser with JRE 1.7 on Windows 7 Professional SP1 ( 64bit)

Software Quality Assurance & Testing Asked by Annushri on December 5, 2020

I am trying to configure RFT 8.6 with the installed browsers but getting errors while doing it, below are the configurations details of my setup followed up with the error I am facing…

RFT 8.6 on Windows 7 Professional SP1 ( 64bit)
JRE : 1.7.0 (C:Program Files (x86)IBMSDPjdkjrelib)

Browser: Firefox 31.4 ESR and IE11

Problem: 1. It is failing in diagnostic test while trying to test FF, below is content from "Details" tab

Java Enabled
  Java Enabled In Browser = false
JVM Information
    JVM Version = Error
    JVM Vendor = Error
General Enablement Information
    Bootstrap Loaded = Error
    Java2TestDomainImplementation Loaded = Error
    HtmlTestDomainImplementation Loaded = Error
    HtmlTestDomainImplementation Name = Netscape

Problem 2: It if failing to while trying to enable it from RFT > Enable environment’, it is showing error message ' Failed to enable the browser. Browser location is c:Program filesinternet explorer'

One Answer

If you upgrade to the latest fixpack of RFT 8.6 (, then you don't need to enable the Firefox browser anymore and can skip that step.

Answered by user2518936 on December 5, 2020

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