Distribute brochures to sales force

Software Recommendations Asked by paul on October 1, 2020

I am looking for a solution to distribute product brochures in about 26 languages to members of the world-wide sales force.

I wrote an application around 15 years ago but this is in desperate need of attention so I am wondering if there are any ‘standard solutions’ out there.

Current features:

  • Documents organised by language/country by marketing department and updated quarterly
  • An index is created by scanning the documents allowing a search function on the client side
  • A web application serves documents to client application
  • End-users alerted to new documents
  • End-users can choose one or more groups to synchronise to their local machine allowing offline access
  • Download statistics are gathered for report generation
  • View statistics would be good but not currently implemented
  • All documents are PDF. All clients on Windows 10

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