Java RADIUS Client Libraries

Software Recommendations Asked by shelley on December 18, 2020

I’m interested in what Java RADIUS client libraries are available and actively supported.

This question is similar to What (good) Java RADIUS server libraries are out there?; however, I’m interested in Java RADIUS client libraries, as opposed to server libraries.

There are a number of server libraries, client libraries not written in Java, and immature/incomplete libraries and forks, so the only potential candidates I’ve encountered so far are the following:

  • AXL RADIUS Client API – Not free/open source
  • JRadius – Doesn’t appear to be actively maintained, last release January 2011, minimal community activity
  • JRadiusClient – Minimal documentation/support, last updated 2004
  • TinyRadius – Doesn’t appear to be actively maintained, last release February 2010, minimal community activity

Are there other libraries missing from my list?

I’d also be interested to know if anyone is actively consuming any of the libraries from the above list or has any experience/recommendations.

One Answer

Nowdays tinyradius is up to date (2020), specially its netty based fork.

Here is the official tinyradius library and two of its other forks (including the netty one):

tinyradius-netty (tinyradius fork using Java 8 Netty's features) (github, maven) (last updated on 2020)

tinyradius (github, webpage, maven) (last updated on 2018)

tinyradius fork by hynnet (maven) (last updated on 2016)

Here is a tutorial for tinyradius fork by hynnet if you are working with Radius and Spring Boot.

Answered by Tiago Stapenhorst Martins on December 18, 2020

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