Looking for a passwordless authentication system

Software Recommendations Asked by botep on December 5, 2021

I’m looking for an authentication system that works like this: You type in your e-mail address, you get an e-mail with a link that signs you in and keeps you signed in on that device until you explicitly log out.

The closest thing I find to this is auth0 passwordless. But this isn’t perfect because you still need to enter a code, rather then automatically getting logged in, and it relies on a third party. I’d like an open source tool, that doesn’t rely on any third party.

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Auth0 does this without entering a code. Their docs even say:

This link will allow them to login directly when clicking on it. It is similar in function to them getting an email with a one-time-use code in it, returning to your app, and entering the code, **but without having to actually perform those steps**.

If you want to run this service yourself, not a third party, then look for repos on GitHub or a similar website.

Answered by Mithrandir on December 5, 2021

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