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Software Recommendations Asked by VGu on December 24, 2020

In my workplace we are looking at collecting and inspecting GIS data using free mobile apps. The one that is fit-for-purpose from a data collection point of view is GeoODK. I have been able to prepare custom forms and get them to work in the field really well.

We already have GIS data in a proprietary GIS file format (shp, tab etc.) but can export to other formats if required and we would like to inspect them on a mobile app.

Ideally, I would like to have this loaded onto an app as a form and then have the inspections done by changing a few fields such as ‘Inspection date’, ‘Inspection Officer’ etc. and then capture new data along the way if these did not exist in the original GIS file.

Can anyone recommend any open source GIS software for the same?

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I think you might like to take a look at QField:

  • Open Source (GPL v2)
  • Data Preparation in QGIS
  • Attach photo to coordinates, etc.
  • Add your own data fields & forms, form creation, etc. also in QGIS

Correct answer by Steve Barnes on December 24, 2020

There is a link here to extent this discussion to the new versrion of QField and also a product called 'Input'.

Answered by nr_aus on December 24, 2020

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