Which GUI framework is mostly used in the software industry for developing standalone desktop apps?

Software Recommendations Asked by Nalith Udugampola on December 7, 2021

As a student I am looking for the mostly used GUI framework in the industry for standalone desktop apps when all the frameworks in all the languages are considered together. Basically I want to know the one with the highest market share.

My requirement is just to start learning it and I don’t want to target specific application types.

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What platform are you interested in? For cross-platform apps the industry seems to be moving toward Electron apps like Slack or Visual Studio Code is built in - it's a framework for embedding Chromium into a desktop app.

For Windows only, there is Windows Forms or Windows Presentation Foundation.

On Linux, Gtk is popular.

In Python, TkInter is included with the language.

Answered by Anthony Carrick on December 7, 2021

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