How many US states receive large amounts of money due to SLS?

Space Exploration Asked on September 28, 2021

That NASA is spread out over so many locations across the US is history and discussed elsewhere in this site. Briefly, Congress approves funding and the funding ends up in many, many of congress’ districts and states.

I’d like to ask if the SLS funding is anywhere near as widely dispersed over many states as NASA’s overall budget, or if it ends up mostly in only one or two states.

The motivation of this question is in no way related to Why does the government still fund SLS while SpaceX is cheaper and has the same capabilities if not better?

One Answer

SLS major work locations:

  • Alabama- Testing & upper stage, engineering design
  • Mississippi- Testing
  • Utah- Solid rocket motor
  • Florida- Launch pad updates
  • Louisiana- Core booster, Orion
  • California- Main engines
  • Colorado- Engineering for upper stage, Orion

So far as I can tell, it seems like these are where the major contracts are, although I don't doubt that most states have a large piece. Not a crazy amount of states, but still a pretty good collection.

Correct answer by PearsonArtPhoto on September 28, 2021

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