How 'space ready' was space shuttle prototype Enterprise?

Space Exploration Asked on September 28, 2021

I have long believed that Enterprise was just an empty craft, with only the instruments to operate in shorts flights in the atmosphere.
Basically a large glider with odd wings.

However, I have been seeing Enterprise referred to as not space-rated or space-ready, and sometimes as an ‘orbiter’. (For example Space Shuttle Orbiter Approach and Landing Test: Final Evaluation Report that is linked in @OrganicMarble’s answer calls it "Orbiter 101" a few times)

This makes it seem like Enterprise was actually a complete Space Shuttle, but missing some testing or without a few required space elements.

How much of a prototype actually was Enterprise?

It apparently did not have engines, but the other shuttles also needed to refurbish the engines after each flight.

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Your belief was pretty correct.

Major systems missing on Enterprise:

  • orbital manuvering system
  • reaction control system
  • main propulsion system
  • space radiators
  • airlock
  • star trackers
  • thermal protection system (tiles)
  • cryogenic tankage for fuel cell reactants
  • payload bay payload mounting hardware
  • galley
  • aft and overhead windows
  • Ku-band antenna

Major systems different on Enterprise:

  • hydraulics
  • electrical
  • thermal control
  • cockpit controls and displays
  • structure
  • communications

Enterprise-only systems

  • nose-mounted air data probe
  • high pressure tankage for fuel cell reactants
  • flight test instrumentation
  • umbilical to 747 mothership
  • tracking beacons
  • ram air scoop

She was intended only for testing the final stages of aeroflight1 so had only systems required for that installed.

1 The original plan was to convert her into a spaceworthy orbiter by adding the missing systems but it ended up being too expensive, largely because of structural design changes to the wings, mid-fuselage, and thrust structure. Challenger was built out of the structural test article instead.

enter image description here

enter image description here


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