Is it the Apollo CM "flowerpot parachute attachment fitting"?

Space Exploration Asked on December 16, 2021

An Apollo 17 recovery image of the top of the CM, ap17-S72-55888 from ALSJ.

enter image description here

What is the structure inside the red polygon (drawn by me)? Is it the "flowerpot parachute attachment fitting"?

Left and right of it are the two drogue parachute mortars. The white sling with the crane hook is the sea recovery sling used to lift the CM aboard the Ticonderoga recovery ship.

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Yes, that is it.

Labeled as such in this image.

enter image description here

From Apollo Spacecraft Pyrotechnics

This picture shows that fitting between the mortars.

enter image description here

From Apollo Experience Report, Earth Landing System

There's a picture (not labeled though) showing the parachute-stowed configuration. I highlighted the first part of the risers in green.

enter image description here

Picture from Apollo Spacecraft and Systems Familiarization training course

Answered by Organic Marble on December 16, 2021

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