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First LED left on another planet⁺ by humans?

Light Emitting Diodes or LEDs are ubiquitous now, but I still remember riding my bike to Radio Shack and buying my first LED, checking the diagram on...

Asked on 12/05/2020

4 answer

Why doesn't SpaceX know how long orbital maneuver burns will take?

While listening in on today's Crew Dragon 1 rendezvous, I noticed something interesting: the announced duration for the final coelliptic burn was "25 to 35 seconds". And this wasn't...

Asked on 12/04/2020

0 answer

How is the software for scientific space missions developed?

The flight control software for the Space Shuttle was developed to the most rigorous standards that exist today. They went to enormous lengths to prevent bugs from ever threatening...

Asked on 12/04/2020 by Hobbes

3 answer

Is the NASA worm logo back?

I love the NASA "worm" logo, but they retired it in 1992. Now an article on CollectSpace claims that the worm is officially authorized again:"The worm...

Asked on 11/28/2020 by DrSheldon

2 answer

Does the arrow in this STEREO trajectory animation point heliocentric prograde, or towards the Sun?

This answer links to this NASA page. The first video shows the two STEREO spacecraft use two and three passes by the Moon...

Asked on 11/26/2020

1 answer

Why wasn't the phosphine in Venus' atmosphere detected by space probes?

Today, it was announced that phosphine has been found in Venus' atmosphere, rekindling the discussion about the possibility of extraterrestrial life. Venus has been visited by space probes...

Asked on 10/12/2020 by Glorfindel

1 answer

How often have signs of life been dismissed as abiotic?

Today, there are rumors about an upcoming announcement of the discovery of (non-conclusive) evidence for life on Venus, apparently they detected some phosphorus compound that is not...

Asked on 09/21/2020 by Wouter

0 answer

Hohmann transfer orbit Burn Duration

Hohmann's orbital transfer is explained in theory in terms of instantaneous impulses, but in real life instantaneous impulses do not exist. Finite burn is used instead.How is the burn...

Asked on 08/30/2020 by Isaac Newton

1 answer

Would Dragon reenter safely if the nose cone stayed open?

If the nose cone does not close before reentry, would the Dragon capsule be safe after reentry? The nose cone protects important components like the forward hatch and guidance systems....

Asked on 08/11/2020 by Speedphoenix

0 answer

Magnetic Memory to Mars?

There seems to be (perhaps these?) a probe headed to Mars that has incorporated Magnetic Memory (MRAM) as an integral part...

Asked on 07/28/2020 by uhoh

1 answer

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