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Fat as hydrocarbon rocket fuel?

Have fat/grease or fatty acids ever been studied as a liquid rocket fuel? (I don't expect it to be a good rocket fuel, but I wonder if anybody has ever...

Asked on 11/10/2021

1 answer

What to do with money?

Suppose I raise $10 million from venture capitalists for my rocket startup, what are the initial steps I must take (as a person with no experience of making rockets before)...

Asked on 11/10/2021 by peaceHoper

2 answer

Methane or LOX tank at Boca Chica

As we can see on this picture from Mary "@bocachicagal" on NASASpaceFlight, there are two types of tank near the test stand. Some are black and others are white or...

Asked on 11/10/2021

1 answer

Why does the Deep Space Atomic Clock have such a short mission?

The Deep Space Atomic Clock has a short mission of only two years. How it can be useful for space operations if its operating for such a short time? Additionally...

Asked on 11/10/2021

1 answer

Will there be a team of planetary scientists advising the Emirates Mars Mission team?

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) recently announced plans to send a probe, named al-Amal (Hope), into Mars orbit. A new group called the Emirates Mars Mission was created to head...

Asked on 11/08/2021

1 answer

Do scientist who study martian geology typically use the term areology?

In the book Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson, I came across the word "areology". Is this word often used in scientific publications, or is it a term limited to...

Asked on 09/29/2021

4 answer

Why do you need a heat shield on Mars entry if the atmosphere is so thin?

Mars' atmosphere is only .088 psi. Is that enough to cause heat at high altitude? Shouldn't you be able to fly close to the surface at orbital speeds like on...

Asked on 09/29/2021 by dumbass

5 answer

Performance of a pumpless liquid rocket engine

Basically all rockets that I know of have a pump feeding fuel and oxidiser into the combustion chamber. The turbopump is one of the most complicated and expensive components of...

Asked on 09/29/2021

4 answer

Would an airship-launched rocket be practical?

This is essentially a mix of the rockoon ( and air launch to orbit ( concepts. A rockoon is a rocket that's carried to...

Asked on 09/29/2021

1 answer

Can Chemical Engineer work on something related to space?

I am an undergraduate student (scientific section) living in Qatar. I have a big interest in astronomy and astrophysics and have participated in the IOAA (International Olympiad on Astronomy...

Asked on 09/29/2021 by sara nabil

0 answer

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