What does the [-] symbol mean in satellite names?

Space Exploration Asked by Swike on September 29, 2021

Some satellites in the databases have this "[-]" mark at the end. For example "IRIDIUM 39 [-]" and "GLOBALSTAR M038 [-]", which in databases like or the ones managed by and celestrack are presented with that symbol.

What does it mean? Does it have something to do with flaring?

One Answer

[-] means that the satellite is nonoperational. It's one of the eight "Operational Status Codes".

+   Operational
-   Nonoperational
P   Partially Operational
B   Backup/Standby
S   Spare
X   Extended Mission
D   Decayed
?   Unknown

More about the SATCAT format is documented here.

Correct answer by Camille Goudeseune on September 29, 2021

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