Are there any sports in which a disability is actually an advantage?

Sports Asked on October 21, 2021

Per title. I don’t know how this would work, but perhaps something like "a person born without arms would have a sleeker aerodynamic profile so they can fly through the air faster/further".

I’m aware that some mental disabilities can lead to an advantage in mental sports – e.g. some people with autism have amazing memory but I’m wondering about physical disabilities.

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Nascar? (sitting down a lot) or The Paralympic Games.

Not a disability, but sometimes shortness or small stature can be an advantage e.g. Horse Racing jockeys, gymnastics, etc.

Going in the opposite direction, a few famous athletes had/have acromegaly (excess growth hormone) NBA player Pavel Podkolzin, wrestlers Andrew the Giant and the Big Show, etc.

Answered by A D on October 21, 2021

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