Is it against the rules to fly in the NBA?

Sports Asked on October 5, 2021

If someone were to miraculously develop the super power to fly (say they could hover up to 1000 feet and swiftly move in three dimensions) would any rules as currently defined by the NBA prevent the use of this power during play?

One Answer

I don't believe flying would break any specific rules in the NBA (or FIBA) rulebook - but that's not really the same as saying "flying is legal in the NBA" as the governing body for a sport (any sport) isn't going to waste its time writing explicit rules to cover situations which can "never" occur.

If we ever got to a state where flying was a reasonable possibility, something would be done to the basketball rules to regulate it. For example, the rules regulate goaltending, something which is a realistic possibility for humans today.

Answered by Philip Kendall on October 5, 2021

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