Which F1 driver was overtaken after swerving towards his team at the pit wall?

Sports Asked by Peter Edwards on September 29, 2021

Which F1 driver swerved towards his team at the pit wall, causing him to be overtaken? Other things I remember:

  • He lost the race and his job because of this.
  • It may have been in a Renault.
  • It may have been Jarno Trulli or Giancarlo Fisichella.

One Answer

I believe you may be misremembering an incident that occurred with Jarno Trulli at the 2004 French Grand Prix, while he was driving for Renault. Trulli was 3rd on the final lap, but with only a few corners to go, he ran wide and allowed Rubens Barrichello to overtake him, losing out on a podium finish. Trulli wasn't sacked immediately after the incident, but it did sour his relationship with the team, and he was ultimately sacked with three races to go, having failed to score any points since the French GP.

You can see footage of the incident here:

Answered by F1Krazy on September 29, 2021

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