Can't activate workbook by variable

In my tool I first let user open the workbook he or she desire

    MyFileName = Application.GetOpenFilename(FileFilter:="Excel Files, *.xl*;*.xm*")

If MyFileName <> False Then
    Workbooks.Open Filename:=MyFileName
End If

and later on when I want to activate that file again (after opening it gets all necessary variables and goes to another workbook, the one with the tool by ThisWorkbook command) it does not work

I’ve tried it by doing this


Whats more important, If i do MsgBox MyFileName it clearly states the path for the MyFileName thus I don’t understand why it does not activate this workbook at all – subscript out of range

Stack Overflow Asked by rainbowthug on January 8, 2021

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What's the issue?

The issue is that MyFileName contains a path (incl. file name) and not a file name only. But Workbooks(MyFileName) is waiting for a file name only (without a path).


Set your opened workbook to a variable

Dim MyFileName As Variant
MyFileName = Application.GetOpenFilename(FileFilter:="Excel Files, *.xl*;*.xm*")

If Not (VarType(MyFileName) = vbBoolean And MyFileName = False) Then
    Dim OpenWb As Workbook
    Set OpenWb = Workbooks.Open(Filename:=MyFileName)
End If

And use this variable like below then


Don't use .Activate or .Select this is a bad practice and only needed in very rare cases. You might benefit from reading How to avoid using Select in Excel VBA.

Answered by Pᴇʜ on January 8, 2021

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