Delphi 10.3 does not install AndroidSDK tools correctly for firemonkey

Stack Overflow Asked by tom fowle on December 16, 2020

I would like some help to correctly install Android SDK into Delphi 10.3. I want to use firemonkey to create an android app. At compile time, Delphi offers to automatically download and install Android SDK, but the automatic installation fails with an error message -> ‘Error when executing action of “AndroidSDKTools” catalog. The action ID is 12.’ This is an image of the error message. The image shows more details of the error situation.

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@nolaspeaker's comment works.

You can use Tools->Manage Platforms->Additional Options to install the SDK, to work around this bug. – nolaspeaker

Answered by Bermyong Park on December 16, 2020

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