Display minuten from TimeStamp (React, TimeStamp, Firestore)

Stack Overflow Asked by 4est on December 19, 2020

I got issue with render correct format for Firestore TimeStamp.

I got date:


value has format: Timestamp(seconds=1608276600, nanoseconds=0)

Next I did:


        const optionsdate = {
            year: "numeric",
            month: "long",
            day: "numeric",
            hour: "numeric",
            minutes: "numeric"

     <label>{data.visitAt.toDate().toLocaleDateString("en", optionsdate)}&nbsp;</label>

But I’m getting only:

December 18, 2020, 8 AM 

How to display minutes as well? (minuten not working)

One Answer

Try this approach,

{new Intl.DateTimeFormat("en-US", options).format(data.visitAt.toDate())}

Complete code:-

export default function App() {
  const options = {
    year: "numeric",
    month: "numeric",
    day: "numeric",
    hour: "numeric",
    minute: "numeric",
    second: "numeric"
  return (
    <div className="App">
      <h1>Hello CodeSandbox</h1>
      {/* 3/31/2020, 1:11:51 PM */}
      <h2>{new Intl.DateTimeFormat("en-US", options).format(1585640511000)}</h2>

Codebase -

Correct answer by Sarun UK on December 19, 2020

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