Get latest NuGet version for packages having dependencies more than one level deep

I have a scenario where project A has a dependency on package B and package B has a dependency on package C. So installing package B in project A, I expect package B and C to be of the latest version, but I am only able to get the latest version package for package B in A and not get the latest for package C in A. I have a wildcard set up in the .csproj file of the project and range in the .nuspec file for the package which is helping to get the latest package B but somehow does not check for the latest version of package C to be installed or show as updates. I also tried getting the package after clearing all cache but still, that did not help. Would really appreciate it if anyone has any suggestions to move forward.

Note: Project uses package reference and not config.

Stack Overflow Asked on January 28, 2021

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