getting parsing issue in GraphQL query

I have two services say serviceA and serviceB
ServiceA written in spring-boot makes HTTP call to service B using RestTemplate.
ServiceB written in SpringBoot has POST endpoint which receives this request and calls GraphQL query resolver to do the processing.

Scenario 1: ServiceA running on my local windows calls serviceB running to unixServer and the above-mentioned scenario works perfectly fine.

Scenario 2: When ServiceA is running on Unix server calls serviceB running on the same Unix box. This time I get 500 response saying unable to parse the query.

Query sent by me is : getUsers(id = "abc123") { id , name }

String received by server in case of scenario 2 is : getUsers(id = /"abc123/") { id , name }

ServiceB is same in both scenarios still it works fine when I hit from local and fail when receives a request from the server.

Anyone have some suggestions on it.

Stack Overflow Asked by SauriBabu on February 22, 2021

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