Gorilla Mux Router GET URL with multiple query param only matches if called by all query params

Stack Overflow Asked by Sumit Arora on December 4, 2020

Below is a snapshot of a HTTP Get Call while using Gorilla Mux Router:

    Queries("email", "{email}").
    Queries("order_by", "{order_by}").
    Queries("order_type", "{order_type}").
    Queries("page", "{page}").
    Queries("limit", "{limit}").

Now when GET call happens with all query params e.g.


then the gorilla mux router matches the pattern and takes it to the handler.

But when called like with fewer parameters e.g.


then it says e.g. 404 not found means Resource path not mapped.

Questions :

#1. What has been missed here, is Go Gorilla Mux Router need all query params?

#2. What to be done If the GET query can come with zero or more parameters? e.g.




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