How to access a list's length in a template's code block for Django?

Stack Overflow Asked by Đỗ Nguyên Tùng on December 24, 2020

In a template, I have a variable of type list called "participants". I want to check if the length of the list is equal to 2, for example. I tried the following:

{{ participants | json_script:"participants"}}

{% if participants|length==2 %}

{% endif %}

However, this does not work. The error I get is:

TemplateSyntaxError at /chat/lobby/
Could not parse the remainder: ‘==2’ from ‘participants.count==2’

Can someone point out a way to access a list’s length in a template’s code block? thank you for your time and consideration!

One Answer

The problem is the (lack of) spacing around the == part. If you rewrite this to

{% if participants|length == 2 %}
{% endif %}

the template parser will no longer error.

That being said, a template is used for rendering logic, and while it is hard to tell, it looks that this is more business logic, which, as @MeL says belongs in the views.

Correct answer by Willem Van Onsem on December 24, 2020

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