How to configure Graylog Plugin on bootstrap (non interactive)?

I setup a Graylog server based on the official Graylog 3 Docker image and added the SSO plugin. In principle it works but I have to configure the SSO headers using the UI after each container start.

I see the options to configure Graylog itself using either a server.conf file or environment variables. But I cannot find any way to configure the plugin upfront to get a final image for automatic deployment.

Is there any way to configure Graylog plugins using special config file entries, prefixed environment variables or separate config files?

Stack Overflow Asked by Arne Burmeister on December 29, 2020

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If you create you're own shell script to update files/settings, you can create a new image based on the original (a new Dockerfile), which, when started, will run the script, modify any relevant settings and start the application-server. Even better if you can have the script take inputs which you can supply as environment variables to the docker container.

Answered by Rob Evans on December 29, 2020

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