How to convert comma separated strings enclosed within bracket to array in Javascript?

Stack Overflow Asked by Arif on October 16, 2020

How to convert below string to array in Javascript? The reason is that I want to take both value separately.
The string is value from an element, when I print it to console I got:(‘UYHN7687YTF09IIK762220G6′,’Second’)

var data = elm.value;

2 Answers

You can achieve this with regex, like this for example :

const string = "('UYHN7687YTF09IIK762220G6','Second')";
const regex = /'(.*?)'/ig

// Long way
const array = [];
let match;
while (match = regex.exec(string)){

// Fast way
console.log([...string.matchAll(regex)].map(i => i[1]))


Correct answer by Namysh on October 16, 2020

let given_string = "('UYHN7687YTF09IIK762220G6','Second')";

// first remove the both ()
given_string = given_string.substring(1); // remove (
given_string = given_string.substring(0, given_string.length - 1); // remove )

let expected_array = given_string.split(',');

Answered by sazzad on October 16, 2020

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