How to get all dates up to a certain date?

I have a list of dates in python for example

dates = ["01/03/2010", "02/11/2010", "05/12/2010", "21/12/2010"]

in dd/mm/yyyy format. Then I have a cut-off date "30/11/2010", so I want all dates up to "30/11/2010" from dates, so the output would be

["01/03/2010", "02/11/2010"]

I have tried searching for similar questions but they all seem to be iterating through ranges of dates. Is there any way this can be done in Python?

Stack Overflow Asked by Beck on February 18, 2021

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If you're doing anything with the dates other than immediately printing them out again, you probably want to convert them to date objects.

import datetime as dt

dates = ["01/03/2010", "02/11/2010", "05/12/2010", "21/12/2010"]
parsed_dates = [dt.datetime.strptime(d, "%d/%m/%Y").date() for d in dates]
filtered_dates = [d for d in parsed_dates if d <=, 11, 30)]
output_dates = [d.strftime("%d/%m/%Y") for d in filtered_dates]
print(", ".join(output_dates))

Answered by sabik on February 18, 2021

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