How to mutate complex object with nested array with SWR?

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How can I spread a new object inside a nested array e.g. data.posts.votes and also keep all the existing state from data

Full Info:

I have data I fetch that looks like that:

enter image description here

I want to have an upvote functionality that adds a new vote object into the votes array in the screenshot above.

I really have no plan right now how to do this in the mutate function from swr:

Right now I have it like this but that won’t work:

    (data) => {
      return {,
        posts: (data.posts[postid].votes = [
          { voteType: "UPVOTE" },

How can I optimistically update this?

One Answer

I think your approach should be like this:

  async (data) => {
    return {,
      posts: => {
        if ( === postid) {
          return {
            votes: [, { voteType: "UPVOTE" }],
        } else {
          return post;

Correct answer by Taghi Khavari on January 13, 2021

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