How to viewing Downloaded api list of apk file in an background Android app (similar: Imports of ida, info-function of gdb)?

Stack Overflow Asked by r00t0k on December 21, 2020

How to view downloaded api list of apk file in an background Android app

(similar: Imports of ida, intermodular calls of ollydbg, info-function of gdb)

I would like to compare the api of downloaded apk file with the api list stored in the installed app.

(Apps like Security solution app)

I would like to know the java library available on Android where you can see api, library, class, method, etc.

I have also used the android security framework (mobsf). I’m not want rest-api-server

I also tried javap -p

(java list all methods and classes in a jar file of specific package using cmd)

Below are photos of tools that perform similar functions

intermodular calls of Ollydbg

Imports of IDA pro

info function of GDB

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