Merge Two Files in Weka based on date

Stack Overflow Asked by spwath on December 4, 2020

I have two datasets I want to merge together, with different attributes. One has about 4 million instances, the other has about 180.
They both have date attributes, and cover the same time period. The one with 4 million has a date attribute that covers day/month/year and time. The other one only has day/month/year. How can I merge these and have the smaller dataset copy its instances to every instance of the larger dataset, for that day?

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As far as I know Weka, what you want to do will be a nightmare. It's better if you try it on a programming language like R or Python. I would suggest you to try it on Excel, if your big dataset didn't have 4 million entries. The easiest way to do that is with Python Language and more specifically Pandas package.

Answered by Mighty Diffy on December 4, 2020

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