My gRPC-Test Project just work on localhost

i have the following problem.

I created a gRpc Server(Console App .Net 4.7.2 – i cant do Net Core on Server Side because of Crystal Reports 🙁) and a Client(WPF App .Net Core 3.1) and i can run it as long as Server and Client are on my machine (Windows 10). As far es i take my Server to another machine (windows Server 2016), it does not work anymore.

this is the RPC Exception:

Status(StatusCode="Unavailable", Detail="failed to connect to all
{"created":"@1595508082.170000000","description":"Failed to pick
to connect to all

i tried all variations. Here is my lastcode that works on localhost:


static void Main(string[] args)
        var cacert = File.ReadAllText(@"root.crt");
        var servercert = File.ReadAllText(@"server.crt");
        var serverkey = File.ReadAllText(@"server.key");
        var keypair = new KeyCertificatePair(servercert, serverkey);
        var sslCredentials = new SslServerCredentials(new List<KeyCertificatePair>() { keypair }, cacert, false);

        // Build a server
        var server = new Server
            Services = { ReportService.BindService(new KKarteReportService()) },
            Ports = { new ServerPort(Host, Port, sslCredentials) }

        // Start server

        Console.WriteLine("KKarteReport Server listening on port " + Port);
        Console.WriteLine("Press any key to stop the server...");



var cacert = File.ReadAllText(@"root.crt");
var clientcert = File.ReadAllText(@"client.crt");
var clientkey = File.ReadAllText(@"client.key");
var ssl = new SslCredentials(cacert, new KeyCertificatePair(clientcert, clientkey));
 var options = new List<ChannelOption> { new ChannelOption(ChannelOptions.SslTargetNameOverride, "MyServerHost") }; 
 var channel = new Channel("", 5001, ssl, options);
 //var channel = new Channel("localhost", 5001, ssl, options);
 //var channel = new Channel(url, ChannelCredentials.Insecure);
 var client = new ReportService.ReportServiceClient(channel);

  using var streamingCall = client.CreateAusschreibung(request);

  await using var ms = new MemoryStream();

  while (await streamingCall.ResponseStream.MoveNext())

What do i miss?

Stack Overflow Asked by blindmeis on January 2, 2021

1 Answers

One Answer

What does the ‘Host‘ variable contain on the server side? The issue might be a incorrect address binding, which prevents the service from being reachable from IP addresses other than localhost ( Try entering there.

Answered by CoffeeCodeConverterImpl on January 2, 2021

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