NEO4J gives node count as negative

Stack Overflow Asked by ck22 on December 21, 2020

I have ingested some data in neo4j.All the created nodes have two labels master_node and ICICI but when I run following it gives a negative number (-901)enter image description here

match(n:ICICI) return count(n)

and when I add the other gives me count of nodes for a different label.

match(n:master_node:ICICI) return count(n)

and when try to fetch nodes using

match(n:ICICI) return n

I get the following response
enter image description here

and when I try to fetch data using both the gives me data related to different label

match(n:master_node:ICICI) return n;

enter image description here

if u observe carefully that last node has three labels OperatingSystem,master_node,SHILPI_DEV but I Queried with labels master_node and ICICI.

Using Neo4j:3.5.14

Thanks in advance

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