No push notifications on React Native standalone android build using expo-notifications package

Stack Overflow Asked by Andrew Kryshtal on December 2, 2020

Current project:
SDK Version – 39.0.0
Android standalone build

Hello there!
I having no push notifications on standalone build, what i did:

  • added firebase account with app info provided in app.json
  • putted google-services.json into app root and added path in in app.json
  • added key with expo push:android:upload --api-key <my-key> and tried to change it with a new one
  • added android push notification channel in application
    Just in case, tried to send push notification on device token from getDevicePushTokenAsync() directly with firebase endpoint using my key and everything works.

long story short – did everything according documentation. In case of certain changes, needs FCM for sending push notifications via expo packages.

sending push notification on token from getExpoPushTokenAsync() doesn’t work at all except iPhone build.

Could you please help me with my problem? maybe i lost something in my steps to make my push notification work properly?

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