Not able to update feed activity using stream-rails or stream-ruby

Stack Overflow Asked by Atul Tirkey on December 3, 2020

When trying to update an activity I get the following error –

NoMethodError (undefined method `update_activity’ for #Stream::Client:0x00007f9477dd5dc0

When I see the source code of stream-ruby I see the update_activity. But, the update_activity method doesn’t show for the client object.

irb(main):069:0> client.methods – ActiveRecord::Base.methods
=> [:api_key, :api_secret, :app_id, :api_version, :make_request, :default_timeout, :feed, :get_default_params, :get_http_client, :make_query_params, :location, :add_to_many, :follow_many, :make_signed_request]

I have initialized my client like – client = StreamRails.client

Even when I try the same thing with stream-ruby, I still get the same error

StreamClient =[‘stream_rails_api_key’], ENV[‘stream_rails_api_secret’], location: ‘us-east’)

irb(main):063:0> StreamClient.methods – ActiveRecord::Base.methods
=> [:api_key, :api_secret, :app_id, :api_version, :make_request, :default_timeout, :feed, :get_default_params, :get_http_client, :make_query_params, :location, :add_to_many, :follow_many, :make_signed_request]

How to update activities ?

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