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Ask in C++ code to promp user for function expression input

C++ code to prompt user for function expression input. I try to make a code where after the RUN the interface to ask me to write the expression of function...

Asked on 01/05/2022 by tbaracu

1 answer

How to load lines from a file into variables that can be either strings, floats, or ints?

I tried using int() and str() but it gave me an ValueError. I'm making a RPG where you can save and load your data using text files, and i want...

Asked on 01/05/2022 by hamstercoding

2 answer

Why does flex-basis calculation return an error in SASS?

So I was quickly typing out a flex-grid generator in scss as I often do, but for some weird reason this returns an error now. From my assumption this is...

Asked on 01/05/2022 by Simplicius

1 answer

Why does the ul element show when input is clicked?

For some reason the ul gets display: none, and is not displayed even when the impute element is clicked.This is the htmlWhen this is clicked: <input class="input...

Asked on 01/05/2022 by E. Reiner

1 answer

react - Infiinite loop when sending axios request (useState problem?)

First I declare these two varaibles to get and set the values I get from the axios requestlet tmpFolder = [];const [folder_JSX,setFolder_JSX] = useState([])then I send the requestconst...

Asked on 01/05/2022 by Countour-Integral

2 answer

Get values from useEffect hook and display in React's functional components

I'm a newbie to React. Trying to get location coordinates in a page and want to display the latitude and longitude but not sure how to get the value from...

Asked on 01/05/2022 by scriobh

2 answer

Why does this list element move back in the list?

For context, what I am trying to do is create a top-down display in which the screen is just text which is printed every time the player gives input. What...

Asked on 01/05/2022 by user13990775

1 answer

Elasticsearch Top level aggregation / search body metadata

It's possible to include sub-aggregation metadata like so:GET kibana_sample_data_flights/_search{ "size": 0, "query": ..., "aggs": { "by_delay": { ...

Asked on 01/05/2022 by Joe - Elasticsearch Handbook

1 answer

How to communicate between repositories

As I understand, there is a 1-1 relation between a Repository and a AggregationRoot. Suppose I have an AggregationRoot_A with an attribute holding an id for an AggregationRoot_B. I will...

Asked on 01/05/2022

1 answer

For SharePoint Search Server Express 2010, Why is Rank Returned from Scope() Always Default (100000000)

SharePoint Search Server Express 2010, Why is Rank Returned from Scope() Always Default (100000000)I need to know what I need to do differently in terms of configuration changes, etc. within...

Asked on 01/05/2022

0 answer

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