pymongo.errors.OperationFailure: Authentication failed when deploying chatbot on Heroku

Stack Overflow Asked on January 3, 2022

I tried to deployed a chatbot which involves the application of MongoDB but I am stuck by this bug all day (figure 1). I cannot what is wrong because I follow the doc strictly and check the config vars over and over again to make sure all of them are correct. Can anyone give me some suggestions? I just ran out of options. Here is a snippet of codes:

db = MongoClient(MONGODB_URI).get_database()
collection = db.get_collection('QnA')
time = datetime.fromtimestamp(int(str(message['timestamp'])[:-3])).strftime(
    '%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S')
collection.insert_one({"question": message['message'].get('text'),
                       "answer": response, 'time': time})

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One Answer

It turned out to be just a stupid question because of my carelessness. The data is not authenticated to be inserted until I add the IP of facebook messenger into the whitelist of my project. This can be referred to this link.

Answered by Memphis Meng on January 3, 2022

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