Python compare two large file wordlists and print if match

Stack Overflow Asked by uzdisral on December 20, 2020

Let’s say I have two large files. One is md5_db.txt and second is hash list hash.txt.

md5_db.txt contains hash and pass:




Now I want to compare them and find the hash and if it matches in both files, print the hash with password. I’ve been trying to find the most effective solution but I get close and then it doesn’t work as wanted. The code I have is very simple, it doesn’t work yet, unless I will split the hash from password, then it will find match. Basically in nutshell I need the script to grab the hash.txt and compare it to md5_db.txt and print if matched.

with open('md5_db.txt', 'r') as file1:
    with open('hash.txt', 'r') as file2:
        same = set(line.strip() for line in file1)
        same = "n".join(same)

        for line in file2:
            word = line
            if word in same:

2 Answers

You need to load md5_db.txt into a dictionary:

with open('md5_db.txt') as md5_db_file:
    md5_db = dict(line.strip().split(":", 1)
                  for line in md5_db_file
                  if line.strip())

And then it's easy to loop over hash.txt and print any matches:

with open('hash.txt') as hash_file:
    for line in hash_file:
        h = line.strip()
        if h in md5_db:
            print(h, md5_db[h])

Correct answer by orlp on December 20, 2020

Dictionary is the best way to lookup once you load the key and values in memory


dct = dict()
with open('md5_db.txt', 'r') as md5_file, open('hash.txt', 'r') as hash_file:
    for line in md5_file:
        hash_passw = line[:-1].split(':')
        dct[hash_passw[0]] = hash_passw[1]
    for hash in hash_file:
        passw = dct.get(hash[:-1])
        if passw:
            print(hash[:-1], passw)


{'accfa1212a61b379ba0b009549113863': '11150', '12fd5b2b866858281404434d1b9a0284': '111968', 'cd418b51dc28d28a239d0658cdd3bca6': '111983', 'e0c10f451217b93f76c2654b2b729b85': '111aaa'}
cd418b51dc28d28a239d0658cdd3bca6 111983
e0c10f451217b93f76c2654b2b729b85 111aaa

Answered by Aaj Kaal on December 20, 2020

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