React native maps rerender on marker press

I’m encountering an issue with React native maps. I try to put markers on my maps, and highlight the pressed marker. I wouldn’t think this would be that tricky 🙂

Here’s how I render my markers:

function renderMarkers() {
    const shopsFiltered = shops.filter((shop) => {      
      return shop.hasOwnProperty('latitude') && shop.hasOwnProperty('longitude') && shop.latitude && shop.longitude
    return => {
      const isInWallet = => {
        return card.hasOwnProperty('company') && shop.hasOwnProperty('company') && ===;
      const isCurrentMarker = === currentMarkerCardId;
      const latLng = { latitude: shop.latitude, longitude: shop.longitude };
      return <Marker  
        onPress={() => onMarkerPress(}
        {isCurrentMarker && // I had to do this, since the dimensions weren't updated using style prop...
            source={isInWallet ? require('../assets/images/explorer/pin-on.png'):require('../assets/images/explorer/pin-off.png')}
            style={styles.mapMarkerCurrent }
        {!isCurrentMarker &&
            source={isInWallet ? require('../assets/images/explorer/pin-on.png'):require('../assets/images/explorer/pin-off.png')}


When I press a marker:

function onMarkerPress(id) {

setCurrentMarkerCardId is a useState hook, and therefore rerender the view. That’s a problem in my case, because the whole map rerender (= it recenter the map on the user’s position) and causes the map to be laggy.

However, I see the issue, but I don’t know how to update the pressed marker value without rerendering the whole map.

Any ideas?


Still using my component state, I’m able to hack this map:

function onMarkerPress(id, coordinate) {
      region: {
        latitude: coordinate.latitude,
        longitude: coordinate.longitude

And I had to set moveOnMarkerPress={false} on the MapView component.

So, basically, on each Marker press, I’m updating state with Marker’s latlng, and rerendering the map with the pressed Marker’s latlng used as the center of the map.

It feels hacky, and it’s not perfect. I can’t use animatetoregion method : as I updated the state, the MapView rerenders and cut the anim.

Stack Overflow Asked by enguerranws on January 28, 2021

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Ok, I'm feeling really silly.

The answer was just there the whole time. I made a mistake using region prop, when I should use initialRegion on the MapView component (that I didn't include in the question :/), which, according to the doc is only used when the component has mounted:

Changing this prop after the component has mounted will not result in a region change.

Correct answer by enguerranws on January 28, 2021

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