Renaming a file in Visual Studio Solution Explorer results in a random 'jump' to another location in the Solution Explorer tree

Stack Overflow Asked by user14537181 on November 26, 2020

Every time I rename a file in the Visual Studio 2019 (or 2017, for that matter) Solution Explorer, the active item in the Solution Explorer tree jumps to a random location.

If I rename a file in the solution explorer (e.g., select file "ihaveatipo.f90", F2, type new name "ihaveatypo.f90"), as soon as I hit enter to confirm the change then some random collapsing of the Solution Explorer tree occurs and the next highlighted item of the Solution Explorer is also random (sometimes it’s a folder, sometimes it’s a project, sometimes it’s a file).

This is NOT related to the Tools/Options/General/Track Active Item (it is unchecked).

You can imagine how maddening this can be when you have dozens of projects in your solution and a complex folder/tree structure with a very large number of files.

Does anyone know how to address this?

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