Scala getClass.getResource() returning null

I have this code:

val url: URL = getClass.getResource("com/mysite/main/test.fxml")

and it always returns null (or Unit). I have only two files in the project:


and when I run the Test.scala the url value is always null.

I just tried rebuild the project, I am using IntelliJ IDEA. What am I doing wrong here?

Stack Overflow Asked by Tower on January 3, 2021

4 Answers

4 Answers

You have three options:

  • take advantage of relative path to your current package (where Test.class is):

  • you can use absolute path:

  • or load through the ClassLoader (note that it always start from root):


In IntelliJ IDEA, make sure you have added ;?*.fxml to the:

Settings (Preferences on Mac) | Compiler | Resource Patterns.

Correct answer by Tomasz Nurkiewicz on January 3, 2021

If it does not work, you can try with ClassLoader:


The filename should be in the same directory layer

Answered by Newt on January 3, 2021

Late answer but I just had this same problem. The root cause was an incorrect entry in my settings.gradle. Once I fixed that, cleaned, and rebuilt my resource were able to load using getClass().getResource(). Hopefully that helps somebody.

Answered by cory.todd on January 3, 2021

Possibly it's not being copied to the bin/ directory from the src/ directory? This happens on recompilation, but if you drop it into the src/ directory after the program is already compiled, the IDE won't know.

Answered by ConorR on January 3, 2021

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