toUpperCaseFunction does not work with await keyword

Stack Overflow Asked by goxarad784 on December 18, 2020

I was trying to use an if clause like this:

if(await database.getValue("SDA").toUpperCase() == "AP"){

I got an error:

TypeError: database.getValue(…).toUpperCase is not a

However when I change the above if clause to

let check = await database.getValue("SDA")
if(check.toUpperCase() == "AP"){

It works fine.

Why does this happen in Nodejs?

2 Answers

Property access (.) has higher operator precedence (20) than await (17). Your current code is equivalent to:

if(await (database.getValue("SDA").toUpperCase()) == "AP"){

because the .s get chained together before the await tries to resolve the expression on the right - which doesn't work because the getValue call returns the Promise.

You could also fix it by grouping the await getValue call in parentheses:

if((await database.getValue("SDA")).toUpperCase() == "AP"){

Or by using a regular expression to get around the == operator precedence (see revision history, I wouldn't recommend it, it's very weird).

Personally, I'd prefer your original code of extracting it into a variable first, it's a bit more readable

Correct answer by CertainPerformance on December 18, 2020

try this shape if((await database.getValue("SDA")).toUpperCase() == "AP"){} or refactor code like this

   try {
  const value = await database.getValue("SDA")
  if(!value) return // what you ned
  if (value === 'AP'){
    // do thomthing 

} catch (e) {

// handle with error 

Answered by Mohammed_Alreai on December 18, 2020

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