Use of the keyword directory () function. It does not perform a correct count with R

Stack Overflow Asked by David Perea on December 19, 2020

I am using the pepa function to extract the paragraphs with the word "Artificial Intelligence" in pdf documents. However, I do not extract all the paragraphs with those words. I missed a lot less. It does not get to extract those from the ends of the document.


dirct <- directory_path
result <- keyword_directory(dirct, keyword = 'Artificial Intelligence', split_pdf = TRUE, surround_lines = 0, full_names = TRUE)

For example, in this file:

I only get 22 mentions, however there are about 40 mentions of this keyword (Artificial Intelligence)

For what is this?

One Answer

You might want to try grepl Example for a dataframe:

data_frame <- read.csv2(...)

data_frame <- mutate(data_frame, columx = 0)

data_frame$columx[grepl("artificial intelligence", data_frame$columx, = TRUE)] <- 1

as indicated by you should also consider intra-word-dashes etc..

When your source file is a PDF, try to create a Corpus (VCorpus) and transform the Corpus to a Document Term Matrix DocumentTermMatrix

Answered by arndtupb on December 19, 2020

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