Vimeo offline video playback issue

Stack Overflow Asked by iPatel on September 26, 2020

I’ve used fijkplayer library which is available on flutter to play m3u8 videos.
Playing without download is working fine and the issue only happens when I trying to play downloaded videos. Also, I tried other libraries like chewie, flutter_jikplayer, flutter_tencentplayer but none of them worked.

This issue happens only on the hls links of Vimeo. I’ve implemented everything using a public hls link available on the internet. After that, I found this bug.

This output seems to be a protocol related issue.

The xcode output is,

===== versions =====
ijkplayer    : f0.7.8
FFmpeg       : ff4.0--ijk0.8.25--20191031--001
libavutil    : 56.14.100
libavcodec   : 58.18.100
libavformat  : 58.12.100
libswscale   : 5.1.100
libswresample: 3.1.100
===== options =====
player-opts : overlay-format               = fcc-bgra
player-opts : videotoolbox                 = 1
player-opts : enable-position-notify       = 1
player-opts : start-on-prepared            = 1
format-opts : ijkapplication               = 4850081840
format-opts : ijkiomanager                 = 4849971424
Opening '' for reading
Protocol 'https' not on whitelist 'file,crypto'!

/var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/0851E4DB-AA4C-4346-A6F2-5F2D00478D61/Documents/offline/+919744480203133/playlist.m3u8: Invalid argument

Let me know if anything is require, Will update here.

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