What does "Cch" mean in StringCchPrint*?

Stack Overflow Asked by Ari Sweedler on January 1, 2022

fprintf means "[f]ile [print] [f]ormatted".

For the StringCchPrint* family (, I can’t find anything mentioning [Cch].

I know that the A suffix denotes char, the f suffix denotes TCHAR (text char? which appears to be what they want the deafult data type to be for this type of stuff?) and W denotes WCHAR (wide char?)

I have no experience with windows naming conventions, this is confusing.

One Answer

The (lowercase) "ch" part of the names refers to the fact that these functions take a count of characters as their relevant argument(s), as opposed to the related functions with a "b" in their names (such as StringCbPrintf), which take a count of bytes. (These counts are different when using UNICODE builds, where the strings are formed of 2-byte wchar_t elements.)

Further, as pointed out by dxiv, the uppercase "C" stands for "count" - which is similar to the Microsoft naming convention for structure members that are 'counts', such as .cbSize or .cchLength.

Answered by Adrian Mole on January 1, 2022

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