Why do I not see a text box to add a menu item to a menustrip

Stack Overflow Asked by JustSomeGuyTN on January 13, 2021

No text box for adding items to menustrip

I assume this is something simple I’ve missed. But every example for adding a menu strip shows a quick and easy design time text box you can type your menu item into. Then you can click on it and get it’s events to add a method. I get none of that. I can click on the properties and go to the items collections and add more drop down menus or separators but that’s it. I can never get to an event except for the single click event for the whole menu object itself. All the examples I’ve seen say you can just drag a button onto the menu strip. That doesn’t work for me either. I am using Visual Studio 2019

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I figured it out. It's a difference between .Net Core and .Net Framework. If you create a Framework project you get the text box to add your items. If you do Core you do not.

Answered by JustSomeGuyTN on January 13, 2021

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