History configuration? (404s)

Stellar Asked by Ed Farley on July 29, 2020

I’m attempting to get a full-history horizon & core setup going, and I’m running into 404s fetching history buckets, with every combination of configurations I’ve seen on stackexchange and in the github issues.

In brief (the simplest steps I would expect to work), I followed the directions for a persistent server here:

Set CATCHUP_COMPLETE=true, and uncommented the lines below:

# history store
get="curl -sf{0} -o {1}"

get="curl -sf{0} -o {1}"

get="curl -sf{0} -o {1}"

Curl returns ’22’; strace confirms that is returning a 404 page for all requests.

What am I doing wrong?

One Answer

Maybe you have applied HTTP method at an obsolete path. As I observe from the official example config,

 get="curl{0} -o {1}"

You may refer to the format there, around line 366.

 #other examples:
 get="curl{0} -o {1}"
 put="aws s3 cp {0} s3://{1}"

 get="curl{0} -o {1}"
 put="azure storage blob upload {0} backupstore {1}"

 #The history store of the Stellar testnet
 get="curl -sf{0} -o {1}"

 get="curl -sf{0} -o {1}"

 get="curl -sf{0} -o {1}"

Answered by cesarm on July 29, 2020

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