Wonder why "Custom Asset" [Paymeny] flow, doesn't affect the "Balance" of the "Paying Account" (Sender)?

Stellar Asked on August 21, 2021

Hopefuly things are going fine with ya’ll.
I’ve created a [Custom Asset] asset_code="FAZ"(Alphanum_4) by set of Accounts (Source,Issuer,Distributor,Consumer) on Stellar Test-Net.
Set [Trustline] from Distributor to Issuer and Consumer to Distributor, generate some (FAZ) by [Payment] some amounts (500000.00) from Issuer to Distributor. Sofar, [Custom Asset] created as expected but,the "Balance" of Issuer remains intact (still holds the same amount before payment)

Furthurmore …

  1. After a successful [Payment] with some amounts of (FAZ) from Distributor to Consumer, the "Balance" of Consumer increments properly, but Distributor "Balance" stays the same (both on "native" XLM and "credited" FAZ).
  2. When tried to pay back some (FAZ) from Consumer to Distributor ([Trustline] for (FAZ) established from Distributor to Consumer) a "NEW Entry" created for that same Asset in Distributor account and any [Payment] from Consumer will store in this "NEW Entry" instead of adding to existing (FAZ)s in Distributor! and still the "Balance" of Consumer(Paying Account) stays solid, the same (both "native" XLM and "credited" FAZ)!

In a nutshell:
[Payments] with a "Custom Asset" increase the "Balance" of "Reciever-Account" but has no effect on "Sender-Account", establishing a [Trustline] with the same [Asset], opens a "New Entry"(like it’s a "New Asset") instead of holding the same!
Worth noting: Even though all mentioned [Operation]s/[Transactions]s done successfuly on the network(Test-Net), the "native" (XLM) balance of Accounts didn’t decrease as expected (for "Fees")?

My Dev. Environment: Win7-32bit, python 3.8.3, 2.6.1

The Accounts Keys used in above scenario, are as follow:(in case)
Both Source Account and Consumer Account are created by "friendbot" of course.
Ssource Account
Issuing Account:
Distributor Account:
Consumer Account:

Any Idea?
Stay Safe

One Answer

It sounds like your mistake is here:

[Trustline] from Distributor to Issuer and Consumer to Distributor

The flow should be as follows:

  1. [Trustline] from Distributor to Issuer and Consumer to Issuer
  2. Send asset from Issuer > Distributor > Consumer

The Issuer address does not maintain a balance of assets it issues, so you will see no changes in that account's balance. That is why a distributor account is necessary if you need to see a balance.

In your current setup you are creating an asset twice.

Answered by kolten on August 21, 2021

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