Alternative ways to enter English letters in Ubuntu

Super User Asked by Pavel Varenik on September 5, 2020

I don’t know how but the English layout was removed from Ubuntu. At the moment I can’t log in, because my password contains English letters. Also, when I’m starting it in advanced mode as root, I still can type only Russian letters and can’t execute any command. So I’m trying to find any way to log in.

One Answer

Try the old technique of using Alt-codes.

Hold down Alt, then type in the two or three digit number that corresponds to the desired letter, then release Alt.

Make sure to type the number on the numpad. (Yes, this might require holding Fn if using a laptop keyboard with a reduced size.)

To see what number to type, check an ASCII table like what is seen at

in short, 65 is capital A, 66 is capital B, 67 is capital C, and so on. Lowercase letters are 32 higher, so lowercase a is 97, lowercase b is 98, and so on.

13 typically represents the same thing as pressing the Enter key.

Answered by TOOGAM on September 5, 2020

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