Can I make this PowerShell Script accept commas?

Super User Asked by Mark Deven on October 8, 2020

The following powershell script outputs the results twice when there is a comma. It separates the strings as two entries. How can I make it treat it as one string instead of two?

Function Get-Weather {
                Mandatory = $true,
                HelpMessage = 'Enter name of the City to get weather report',
                ValueFromPipeline = $true,
                Position = 0
            [string[]] $City,
            [switch] $Tomorrow,
            [switch] $DayAfterTomorrow

        Foreach($Item in $City){
            try {

                # Check Operating System Version
                If((Get-WmiObject win32_operatingsystem).caption -like "*Windows 10*") {
                    $Weather = $(Invoke-WebRequest "$City" -UserAgent curl -UseBasicParsing).content -split "`n"
                else {
                    $Weather = (Invoke-WebRequest "$City" -UseBasicParsing).ParsedHtml.body.outerText  -split "`n"

                    If($Tomorrow){ $Weather[17..26] }
                    If($DayAfterTomorrow){ $Weather[27..36] }
            catch {


Get-Weather Shrewsbury,MA?n1

One Answer

Also remember that when you use single quotes "single-quotation marks (a single-quoted string), the string is passed to the command exactly as you type it. No substitution is performed." Versus when you use double quotes "double quotation marks (a double-quoted string), variable names that are preceded by a dollar sign ($) are replaced with the variable's value before the string is passed to the command for processing."

This is from: and is for PowerShell 6, but the same rules apply to PowerShell 1 through 6.

So unless you need to use a variable inside the string, the single quotes will force PowerShell to use the string exactly how you have it written.

Correct answer by DBADon on October 8, 2020

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