Clients lose connectivity to Router when Streaming Netflix HD

Super User Asked by Asad Moeen on December 18, 2020

Devices Setup

Router 1 – TP-Link Archer C60 (Floor 1)

DHCP Range: -
Channel = 11

Router 2 – TP-Link WR-840N (Floor 2)

This Router is connected LAN to LAN to Router 1 and setup as an Access Point.

DHCP = Disabled
Channel = 6

This LAN IP on Router 2 is set via TP Link’s Smart IP (DHCP) but I have reserved it for Router 2 within Router 1’s DHCP.

The Problem

When I stream Netflix HD at my Chromecast connected wirelessly to router 2, other clients lose internet connectivity and ping to router 2 fails for as long as the Chromecast keeps streaming. However, everything is smooth when connected to the same router 2 via LAN.

Chromecast is placed at the far end of the house but I get enough signal power to stream in HD. The problem also goes away when Chromecast is brought closer to the router where signal power is stronger.

One Answer

I changed my wifi router to a dual-band device and streamed through 5Ghz, however, the same problem persisted. The 5Ghz was slowed down whereas the 2.4Ghz worked fine. I googled about Chromecast for this issue and found that the device indeed sent a large amount of data to routers.

All my devices are iOS so I believe the problem is not Android specific. The second Chromecast device I have works fine, it’s only this one causing problems.

Answered by Asad Moeen on December 18, 2020

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