Dell Inspiron E6430 bluetooth "skipping"

Super User Asked by Steven Carline on December 13, 2020

I have found many threads on Bluetooth audio issues and even with the 6400 series but none of them have my exact issue. To replicate play some music and while the music is playing hit the mute button every 2 seconds and I mean literally every two seconds… that is what I’m hearing over Bluetooth in my earbuds (knock offs) The skips are a little faster on my Bluetooth speaker. Audio plays fine in all other scenarios BUT over Bluetooth. System is Dell e6430, the i5 NVidia model. I am running windows 10 x64 pro and the only thing I have modified on the laptop was throwing in an SSD hard drive to make it a bit faster. Does anyone know what is causing this or what I can do to fix it?

Right after writing this it dawned on me that i could just buy a usb bluetooth adapter lol. So while this isn’t all that big a deal now, still if anyone has an answer, I wouldn’t mind knowing and maybe it will help someone else.

Edit, the laptop is doing the same thing with a new usb bluetooth dongle. My dekstop pc does not have this issue. Both are running the same version of windows 10 pro in the same build. This is clearly an issue specific to this laptop.

Final edit, I believe this was due to conflicting drivers and services. I went ahead and reinstalled windows and this time allowed windows to fill as many drivers as it could then installed any missing drivers from the manufacturer website. This solved not just the bluetooth audio issue but also an issue i was having bluetoothing my phone to the "Your Phone" app, specifically the calling feature.

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